Rüdiger Baldauf, one of the leading trumpet players in Germany, released his new album in June 2010: "Own Style" - jazz at its best, funky, grooving.

The album performed very well, even better than expected. So Rüdiger and his band have started a serial of live gigs in Germany.

In spring and summer 2011 they will be live on tour around Europe and play several festivals in France, Spain and Italy. More to follow.

Find here some links - have fun and listen to the music !

Video: Making of "Own Style"

Text: Interview with Yamaha

Video: Live at the Jazzfest Schifferstadt

Audio: Live at the Jazzfest Schifferstadt (not active yet)

Audio: "Own Style" Track 1 (appetizer)

Audio: "Own Style" Track 2 (appetizer)

Audio: "Own Style" Track 3 (appetizer)

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